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Panga 19

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Pangas boats have been used since 1960's, almost exclusively in Latin America and South East Asia in the early years, now all over the world, for fishing, touring, diving and commercial use including for transporting heavy loads over long distances.

Panga boats unique ride is due to a pad keel which starts at the stern, 350mm wide, and tapers to the bow. It is the reason why it requires little horsepower to start and speed up. PangaCraft Panga 19 is CE certified with category C for the horsepower up to 115HP. However they can easily carry up to 6 persons running with as little as 60HP. Most owners will find that 80HP will provide very economical and quick boating. With its perfect design, it runs smoothly without jumping and bumping even in big wave and wind.

The key features of the Panga 19 design is a high bow 1.38m, a length of 5.80m with a beam 2.00m, gunwale height 0.63m at the front, and 0.56m at the cockpit. The high bow and gunwale provide buoyancy and elevation for casting and retrieval or carrying heavy loads and minimizes spray coming on board. The deck is self bailing. A bow storage is built for anchor and chain, two front dry storage compartments, a storage under the front console seat can be used as a battery storage There are three tanks at the stern. The one at the starboard is used as a dry bait tank. The one at the port side can be used as a live bait tank with sea water circulating pump. At the front of the two tanks are the two removable seats. Between the two seats there is a big cabinet hatch. On top of the storage is a small platform. In the cockpit, a live fish tank is built with two plugs for water to get in and out. Two sets of fishing rod racks are built on the both sides. Bow rails, navigation lights, T top and fishing rod holders etc. are the good options for fitting to the boat.


Length 5.80m
Width 2.00m
Depth 1.38m
Draft 0.20m
Weight 600kgs
Person 6
Engine applicable 60-115hp
Sailing area inshore with category C


  • Bow storage for anchor and chain
  • Front tank x 2
  • Center console with front seat
  • Bait tank x 2
  • Live fish tank


Price includes global shipping Under $20,000 Plus Engine, Includes Shipping
Driver's twin seats with swing backs on S/S base USD450.00
Steering system/hydraulic with S/S steering wheel USD780.00
Bow rails USD560.00
Fuel tank 120L USD450.00
Bilge pump USD95.00
Sea water circulation pump for live bait tank USD450.00
LED navigation lights USD95.00
Battery 150A USD150.00
6 in 1 switch board USD95.00
T top S/S made with fishing rod holder x 4 USD1200.00
Fishing rod holder on the gunwales x 4 USD160.00
Fishing rod racks x 2 sets USD300.00
Anchor roller USD95.00
Cross bollard USD60.00
Stern ladder USD98.00
Trailer 580 with brake and LED lights USD2800.00