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31 Panga

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This is by far the best made best performing Panga Fishing Boat of its kind. Unlike the Imensa Panga from Mexico, our Panga design has longitudinal stingers that are filled with foam. Fishing boats need a solid stringer system and that is how we build it. Our Panga 31 is made to fish offshore and in the shallows with a draft of only 13 inches. For power you can use single or twin outboards. We offer several sizes of fuel tank and mechanical or hydraulic steering. Our Panga Boats are made better than any you will find in Mexico or any South American Panga boat. They just do not compare when it comes to quality boat building in materials and workmanship. If you are looking for the most affordable Panga Fishing Boat, you have arrived at the only one available that offers quality and affordability. This affordable Panga Fishing Boat is also available as a Pilot House model

Newest 31 Panga Design Under $29,990.00 Includes Global shipping and delivery SPECIFICATION: 31' 2" x 8' 6" 3080 lbs. Includes large console w/ windscreen and grab rail. Two 80 gallon fuel tanks, steering, hardware, lifting eyes, electrical system