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PangaCraft Recreational 26 | PangaCraft Commercial 26

Commercial Panga 26' Price includes free global shipping. The Recreational PangaCraft panga boat 26' price also includes free global delivery. Both prices exclude power and riging. On the left side you see two models. The yellow images represent the recreational model then see the commercial model. The difference is the recreational model has U shaped seating in front and has a smooth molded polished inner liner. The commercial model panga boat has front anchor storage and the inside is painted hand laid fiberglass. All pang boats for sale are custom made to order. We offer the widest selection of panga models, from commercial panga work boats to Mexican style, and recreational panga boat types and designs made from the best of fiberglass materials. Panga boats are known for fuel econoly and smooth ride. We offer the original delta keel that gives the true dry ride.

With a 10 inch draft our panga boats can run in shallow water as good as any flats boat. Our 23 foot will go 25 mph or better with only a 40 Hp. A 90 Hp on our 23 has been clocked ayt 40 Mph. Same with ut 29 foot panga, with a 150 Hp you can see our video getting to 41 Mph. And getting over 6 mpg with the 23 and 4 mpg with the 29. No one comes close to our quality and low price. !

Allmand PangaCraft 26

Commercial 26' Panga

26 foot panga model attached here

Basic equipment ?

  • 1. FRP hull and deck
  • 2. rubrail w/S.S strip
  • 3. 4.8" Four 8" S.S. mooring & spring cleats
  • 4. Three S.S rings
  • 5. Forward rode/anchor locker w/hatch cover
  • 6. Forward storage locker w/hatch cover
  • 7. Stern battery locker and fish tanks locker w/hatch cover
  • 8. Four grab rail
  • 9. Bridge w/ FWD seat
  • 10. Bridge seat w/ four S.S rod holders
  • 11. S fuel tank (200L)
  • 12. 150A battery
  • 13. self bailing deck drain
  • 14. chain locker with drain hole
  • 15 .FWD and stern seating with cushion for seven person
  • 16. two navigation lights
  • 17. water proof switch board
  • 18. bilge pump
  • 19. roof frame
  • 20. stem hand rail
  • 21 ridinglights
  • 22. boarding ladder Optional equipment
  • 1.Two coming lockers w/rod racks in gunwales
  • 2.Four S.S. rod holders in gunwales
  • 3. Horn

  • LOA : 7.90M
  • Beam : 2.28M
  • Depli : 0.92M
  • Draft : 0.35M
  • Power : 150HP,
  • Speed : 25-30
  • Weight : 1200KG

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