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Made to order

PangaCraft 26

Commercial Panga 26' From $26,990.00 includes free global shipping. The Recreational PangaCraft panga boat 26' starts at $29,990.00 and includes free global delivery. Both prices exclude power and riging. On the left side you see two models. The yellow images represent the recreational model then see the commercial model. The difference is the recreational model has U shaped seating in front and has a smooth molded polished inner liner. The commercial model panga boat has front anchor storage and the inside is painted hand laid fiberglass. All pang boats for sale are custom made to order. We offer the widest selection of panga models, from commercial panga work boats to Mexican style, and recreational panga boat types and designs made from the best of fiberglass materials. Panga boats are known for fuel econoly and smooth ride. We offer the original delta keel that gives the true dry ride.

With a 10 inch draft our panga boats can run in shallow water as good as any flats boat. Our 23 foot will go 25 mph or better with only a 40 Hp. A 90 Hp on our 23 has been clocked ayt 40 Mph. Same with ut 29 foot panga, with a 150 Hp you can see our video getting to 41 Mph. And getting over 6 mpg with the 23 and 4 mpg with the 29. No one comes close to our quality and low price. !

Allmand PangaCraft 26

Allmand PangaCraft 26 Custom Made To Order.

Free Shipping for hull made ready for engine. For turn key boats shipping is calculated from Cincinnati Ohio. Build time takes approximately 60 to 90 days. Warranty * Hull warranty 5 years. Parts and accessories 1 year *

* Warranty includes hull five years and accessories 90 days to one year. All claims must be submitted in writing with estimates from two registered licensed repair shops. Estimates will be reviewed to establish if damage was caused by manufacturer defect or by misuse. Where manufacturer defect is the main cause, the repair will be be paid for directly to the service provider. Where misuse was the contributing or main cause it will not be the responsibility of the manufacturer to pay for repairs. Some parts may be swapped out for new or payment reimbursed to the buyer at the discretion of the seller.

Shipping & Options

Price with free shipping delivered to commercial address $26,990.00

Length 7.92mm
Width 2.30m
Depth 1.60m
Draft 0.31m
Weight 850kgs
Person 12
Engine applicable 90-250hp
Construction FRP Cored Deck

Allmand Boats 4460 West Mitchel Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45232 U.S.C.G registered boat builder since 1976

Phone : 1-844- 843-4372

website : *

email :

Steering system/hydraulic with S/S steering wheel USD980.00
Bow rails USD860.00
Fuel tank 200L USD850.00
Bilge pump USD95.00
Sea water circulation pump for live bait tank USD550.00
Navigation lights USD95.00
Battery 150A USD250.00
6 in 1 switch board USD95.00
T top aluminum made with fishing rod holder x 4 USD1460.00
T top S/S made with fishing rod holder x 4 USD1990.00
Fishing rod holder on the gunwales x 6 USD340.00
Fishing rod racks x 2 sets USD400.00
Anchor roller USD220.00
Cross bollard USD70.00
Fold able ladder USD198.00

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